Crossroads of Continents: Cultures of Siberia and Alaska

William W. Fitzhugh and Aron Crowell

Published 1988 by Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington. First Edition.

Hardcover with Dust Jacket. 360 pages, 476 text figures (many colored), 12 maps (6 colored), appendix, bibliography. Condition New.

Crossroads of Continents is a compelling synthesis of the dynamic cultures of Northeast Asian and North American peoples in the Bering Sea and North Pacific region. Published in conjunction with a major international exhibition, Crossroads of Continents represents the culmination of a historic collaboration among American and Soviet scholars. Essays by an international group of scholars explore the cultures of these little-known northern lands through geographic, historic, and comparative perspectives. The unusually rich text focuses on artifacts from seven groups occupying the North Pacific rim: Koryak, Even, and Chukchi in Siberia; and Eskimo, Aleut, Tlingit, and Athapaskan in Alaska. The book brings the history of a seemingly remote region into vivid focus: from the first appearance of man more than 10,000 years ago; through the rise of sophisticated hunting and fishing cultures on the North Pacific rim; to the first arrival of European explorers, whalers, and traders two centuries ago. Lavishly illustrated.