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Parrot Feathers

Four and one-half (4 - 1/2) quart tub packed with hundreds of parrot body feathers. Great for arts and crafts, including fly fish lures, and Native American crafts such as dream catchers and smudge feather fans. Sizes, unsorted, range from minuscule macaw facial feathers to primary and secondary flight feathers. The feathers are naturally molted and come from many species of parrots, including Blue and Gold, Greenwing, and Hyacinth macaws, Congo and Timneh African greys, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, and others.

Four and One-Half Quart Tub

Parrot Feather Bookmarks

For your prized books (and we don't mean Kindle) parrot feathers make distinctive bookmarks. Five (5) spectacular Hyacinth macaw parrot secondary flight feathers. Like snowflakes, no two feathers are alike, but all measure approximately 8 inches from tip to end. Hyacinth macaw parrot feathers are a lustrous royal blue on the obverse, and a dark black on the reverse.

Set of Five Feathers